A Great Crime…..in the name of Customer Service

A Great Crime…..in the name of Customer Service

Frankly I am not surprised by this poor customer’s letter. Speaking for this island the culture here in business is they are a Product business first and a customer service business AFTER or rather not even in their mission statement. It’s not just JPS- its all the big boys- Digicel, Lime, Flow, I can go on- customer service is not a value to customers, its a bother. Why? because they hold the death sentence to our life- no power for the customer who dares to challenge our way of life. The monopoly is stifling the people of this country and the Govt. is hand in hand with them. When they gave them monopoly of power in the country it was making their jobs easy, putting a different head on a cow that is still technically owned by them. No one looks after the people in this country. The rich pays little taxes, the poor none and the middle class pays all the taxes. Its a cesspit of mediocrity. Behind every large company in Jamaica lies a great crime.

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