Paradise Lost


We made some steps, baby steps since Emancipation was granted to our fore fathers. Never forget the blood, sweat and tears that shed to attain this freedom. Unlike the Jews whose reverence of their holocaust is bred in their culture we do not hold this day in reverence enough to make the pain of those that fought for this day bearable. Are we too far removed, have times changed so much that our memory is lost as well?  We are here because of their pain and their death. Our freedom now is forever carried in the blood of our fore fathers. So let us pause and reflect and give them the honor and praise.

179 years later the steps we make and took are but a hop scotch in our development as a nation and Caribbean. Now we are shrouded by in fighting, pettiness, crime, rape, murder, incest, chicanery. Two thirds of our population is nothing more than a cast of the unruly mob, trapped in the bubble of hopelessness whilst the others emancipate themselves with riches bred on the backs of the hopeless.

We hang on to politics and religion , taught to us by our slave owners and despite our social conversions our people are still illiterate unable to articulate their passions. As a nation we seem to be happy with the present. Each man for himself. We choose to live our life in a false sense of pride. 

There can be no pride when our systems have failed. There can be no pride when our children are still fatherless and motherless, when our education is limited, when our economy is flat lined, when our churches and politicians are silent on justice, when our judicial system is over run with corruption and bureaucracy, when national pride is only evident when our athletes are on the track, when we spend millions of dollars for Independence celebrations but the symbols of nationhood are left to decay. I can go on but we know our problems. The good thing is..God smiles on this land called Jamaica and receives his blessings abundantly every day. 

We have made small steps but the road is long, so so long. 51 years since we took the leap of faith to forge our own path but that path is still marred with bush , weed and shrubs. The weed waker is useless in shaping the future. We need to face the truth, the hard bitter truth- that we as Jamaicans can be better, that our masses can be elevated and educated, that owning a house and car are not symbols of wealth but a necessity to living a modern life, that health care is only a modern necessity that any civilized nation provides for its people, that dehumanizing women , men , children is nothing more than embracing a backward mentality.

I bring these thoughts to the forefront hoping that the next generation will be a more progressive one and take this country closer to the utopia of emancipation. Until justice is blind to color and class, until education is unaware of race or wealth, until opportunity is unconcerned with the color of men’s skins or the social status that he is put in, emancipation will be a proclamation but not a fact.