T.E.N Launches


T.E.N officially launched into business on Saturday June 22 with their first official event which was a corporate one presented by the Pharmaceutical society of Jamaica. 

T.E.N is a community of qualified professionals whose passion for entertainment drives them to deliver on its core promise- we make it happen. Corporations or any business place for that matter invest in the pursuit of very specific business purpose. Whether they are gathering employees or customers, they expect their investment to yield tangible business results. Entertainment turbo-charges that investment.

Pulling people away from their desks to go to a meeting or gather them around a pool deck or a dinner table only guarantees the person’s physical presence in that time and place. Entertainment accelerates the process of getting your guests or employees detached from their day-to- day routine, fully engaged in the moment, and connecting with each other and to the company’s message. The bottom line: entertainment increases impact. This is where we come in- we make something happen where nothing existed.

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