Apple…loosing the war !

Don’t know why everyone is taking an overdraft to buy an Apple IPad or an IPhone 5 . The latest iPhone is nothing but another iPhone 4 with another s added so it should be called Iphone4ss. A bigger screen, a faster processor,it  can now work on the LTE network all those  ‘features’ are quite frankly standard in today’s technology market. Apple could not have come out with anything less as the competitors namely Samsung already featured those specs on their Galaxy 3s and even Motorola HD had those features so really it’s nothing new or earth moving for the tech savvy person that would want to ditch their brand new phone and invest in the new iPhone. Sorry Apple I for one am not impressed and will not be caught with my wallet out buying the latest product. Frankly its Apple setting itself up for a bumper December market and you can bet their avid customers will trade, buy or give away their iPhone 4s for the latest Apple iPhone 5. 

Apple is now a cult rather than a technology pace setter that changes the way we do things. There are persons that must have the latest Apple product no matter what, not because of the tech but because its the latest gizmo to show off to your friends and in public…”see, look what I have the latest iPhone”…big deal ! 

When Steve jobs launched the iPod, iPad and iPhone and their subsequent generations later before his death you could see the forward thinking earth shattering technology shaping features that made you want to get the product because it was telling you that this is the new way to do a task that you were doing oh so laboriously. Who can forget FaceTime and Siri and transfer of media by just shaking the iPod or even iCloud just to name a few. Every new product had something technologically earth moving. Now all we get is speed and pixelated screens and LTE connectivity and a larger screen….. Ho hum. The other guys had that before so wake up Apple.

The armor of the great Apple is wounded by Samsung and no wonder the two are waging the biggest tech war since Neo in the movie Matrix. Apple knows that and so they are doing what Microsoft did and sue Samsung to prevent competition and its involvement in the tech arena. Microsoft lost so be very careful Apple. I would suggest you drop those petty charges and counter charges and focus on the core of your success and that was changing the way we did things. Apple led by Steve Jobs changed the way the world listened to music, bought music and movies, it gave new meaning to the word mobile. What happened to that Apple?  

Apple is loosing its moniker of shaping the future of technology to Samsung. Get to work Apple. Ever since Jobs died Apple died as well. Technology is suppose to change the way we see ourselves. It is supposed to take society to another level of thinking and doing things and in the process making our lives easier. Go back to the drawing board Apple. You are winning the battle but certainly loosing the war.

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