Hell has no fury…….

 I thought I would respond to a recent article that says Barack Obama Promised A New Kind Of Politics, But Played The Same Old Game in the Huffington Post. The premise is that he said he would ‘change’ the temperature on the Hill and would enable both parties to work together for the common good.

When the ‘other side’ from day one decides that NOT working with the President is priority number 1 then tell me what did you expect 4 years later? Do you think the hill and the President are going to walk hand in hand singing kunba ya? Politics is not a game, its an earnest business and the RP and DP know this.

Modern day politicians have to be mongrels- they will eat anything and go after anything to accomplish their goal. Modern day politics is about the Democrat answer or the Republican answer as opposed to the right answer. So nothing will or has changed between those 3 waring houses! There is no middle way in modern politics.

As Harry Truman said, you want a friend in Washington, get a dog! Obama has learnt that now except he is still the eternal statesman trying to ‘bring both parties together’ without uttering the words of WAR! That trait to me is and will be his downfall. There are no friends in Washington. There are no compromise in politics. The Dems are the ones who will preach government is needed to make you richer, smarter and stronger. The Republicans is the party that say government does not work and gets elected and prove it.

But politics  these days is the purest form of entertainment and we the voters are sitting and watching the television where democracy is at its ugliest. Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a politician; did i just repeat myself here?


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