The Colorado Shooting

How many times this sort of tragedy happens in America? How many times have the innocent lost their lives and get wounded in America from some senseless idiot ? And how many times does the emotion of the people get caught up In the tragedy and everyone calls for a ban on this and a ban on that and off with the head of the perpetrator? Freedom with all of its self enduring pleasures is the Bain of this country’s existence.

This tragedy will happen again in some other time some other place . If there is freedom to carrying guns then we should expect this. Carrying guns is not the problem’. It’s the Assholes that are also free to carry them as well. How are we going to stop that? How do we know the mind set of anyone who buys a gun ? America….it’s the land of the FREE alright. Freedom to be as stupid as I want to be and get very little consequence. We are our worst enemy!

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