Quick thought – Orlando Magic and prima donna Dwight Howard


We have been hearing for a while now the indecisiveness of the Orlando Magic and their all-star player Dwight Howard. Is he in or is he out? No no ones what the outcome will be. Howard gave his followers some bull shit argument that yes he is not leaving and want to retire in a Orlando jersey. This morning the VP of operations was there lamenting that Howard has to decide on what he wants to do and they are willing to sign him for the long haul indicating that there is still no decision.

For a man who is not even close to Jordan in skills or leadership Howard is one prima donna. Memo to Howard. Dude you are not indispensible. You can go if you want to . When big boy Shaq was there he had a handful of skilled players with him to effect a championship. The problem is you do not. You have a bunch of “B” rated players that have no desire in their minds to win a championship so you have a decision to make. Do what King James did and jump ship, not necessarily in that fashion , or stay and LEAD your team to a championship. Instead of getting rid of the coach get rid of some of those lame players on the team, yea the ones that do not produce and only warm the bench every night of play. The coach is not the only problem , the rest of the lazy bunch is. Get yourself a TEAM. Work with your GM and  beg, borrow or steal quality players and LEAD. Take your example from MJ. He never ran away. He led his team to 6 rings! Yea 6 Dwight something that you dream of every day. That is your decision to make. Am I going to lead or am I going to run and take the easy way out?  At the end of the day it is your legacy that is at stake. Now make your decision and stop putting the Orlando faithful in an emotional mess!


Quick Thought – Instant replay for Umpires

I am watching the EURO2012  soccer tournament between Croatia vs. Italy and the referee gave an Italian player a yellow card for a bad play. The viewers instantly got an instant relay of the tackle and clearly it was not a yellow card offense. If we can get the instant replay of the game on a fly then certainly the referee can get that as well. A 4.5 led screen attached to his wrist in the form of a stop watch where he can at a touch off the screen  see the same replay as we did allowing him to make a correct call. I am sure this technology is coming to allow referees to make correct calls not only for soccer but for all the games that need instant replay.

The unusual eyes of Africa

Vanessa Bristow photo Boy with Sapphire eyes

I came across this unusual picture of this little boy from Africa with the most amazing eyes. When  I saw it I said to myself that this is a nice photograph but how unusual . I continued to read the article and I understood how people would associate the photograph with photo editing. The photographer explained in her own terms that it is not photoshopped.  Here are her comments:

To all of you DOUBTING THOMAS’S out there who distrust the originality of this photograph: It is NOT Photoshopped. I was in the local communal lands looking for my lost Dalmatian dog, and I stopped to ask his mother if she had seen it. While I was talking to her, her son, who was playing with his siblings and friends nearby, caught my eye. I asked her if I could photograph him, and this is the first picture that I took of him – it was possibly his first interaction up close with a white person, and his fascination in me, or in the camera, is plainly evident. I took a few photos of him at the time, and a few more later on a follow-up. An ophthalmologist friend had this to say about his unusual eyes:

“The picture of the little boy with the blue eyes and dark skin probably represents Ocular Albinism or Nettleship-Falls albinism, or Juvenile uveitis. Both conditions cause the pigment of the iris to be less dense.”

Ms Brislow took another photo of this little boy and you can see where he was a little more relaxed and the resulting shot is evident of his new-found love of the camera.

Vanessa Brislow photo of the little boy in Africa

So I went to work to find out more of this unusual phenomenon as just today I ran across another photo of these beautiful eyes . Not sure who to credit for the work but  here  is the picture.

From Facebook

The word “albinism” refers to a group of inherited conditions. People with albinism have little or no pigment in their eyes, skin, or hair. They have inherited altered genes that do not make the usual amounts of a pigment called melanin. One person in 17,000 in the U.S.A. has some type of albinism. Albinism affects people from all races. Most children with albinism are born to parents who have normal hair and eye color for their ethnic backgrounds. Sometimes people do not recognize that they have albinism. A common myth is that people with albinism have red eyes. In fact there are different types of albinism and the amount of pigment in the eyes varies. Although some individuals with albinism have reddish or violet eyes, most have blue eyes. Some have hazel or brown eyes. However, all forms of albinism are associated with vision problems. Read more at the website: http://www.albinism.org/publications/what_is_albinism.html

This medical condition is real and it is reported to affect 1 in 60, 000 male born per year even lesser females. If you do the math there are a few people in the world with that condition. Whilst we are fascinated with the beautiful colors of the person’s eyes the fact is those that have it are going through living hell by people’s misconception. Like everything in the world those that are different are ridiculed from birth, sometimes ostracized by family members and friends and they come to accept a world that is harsh to their realties.  Let us hope this little boy gets to live a normal life or as close to normal  can be. For us that are now educated on the matter  spread the word  and educate one person at a time. More reading at the website below.


Weekend Thoughts # 2 – Apple vs. Samsung

There is a new war brewing on the horizon and it may get  bigger than the Iraq war.  Two tech giants are at each other’s throat for patent infringement. Apple is suing Samsung for copying its patent into its new product the Samsung Galaxy 111 smart phone. Apple contends that the features are too similarr to its own Iphone and  Ipad and so it is trying to halt the sales of the Samsung in the US and possibly worldwide.

My take on the matter is this:  I do appreciate a company’s patent . After all it has spent millions of dollars to develop the patent to protect its product. Apple like many other comapanies do have that right. The question is when does an idea becomes exclusive to the birther?  My answer is no idea is exclusive. Its an idea, a concept, a mental impression that can be vocalised and ultimately put into reality.  There are as many ideas in the world as there are people that conceive them. Some ideas are money making and in so doing its good for business to patent the diea however it is not the idea that is important iti is the HOW!  We can all have a similar idea but how we express or manifest it is another  kettle of fish.

Apple will have to prove that the Samsung HOW is similar to their idea and their HOW and for this we will have to wait and see. In the end its the consumers that suffers. Can you image the person whose idea it was to roll an object that eventually gave rise to the wheel and other products making a patent for the idea?  Ideas are born. Creativity gives it life. In the end it’s not Apple or Samsung that will be the only beneficiary but mankind will move a step further in his development and his desire to rewrite history.  See the post below on the facts on the war between the 2 giants.


Week end thoughts – Facebook privacy

Courtesy of Mashable

So for the pastr few days there is a privacy contorversy that has gone viral on Facebook. Aparently there is this notion that because FB is now a public companu your privacy is now suddenly gone public and anyone and everyone can have access to your privacy

Ok  STOP everyone, hold on just one minute. Internet privacy laws dont work that way. If FB has a privacy law , which it has , they cannot just suddenly change those laws without first informing you the member of the change . You can sue them if they do. Secondly posting a notice on your timeline about privacy has no effectt to the cause. The privacy laws of FB has not changed depite it is now a public company.  If you feel better to post the false proviso on your timeline  go ahead. But in reality it does not mean anything. Check the link below for more info on the matter. Have a good weekend all.  http://mashable.com/2012/06/05/facebook-privacy-notice-fake/?WT.mc_id=en_all_stories&utm_campaign=All%2BStories&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter

Why the Brits do it better all the time

Fireworks light up the skies over  the stage. A fitting finale to the 4 day long celebrations of the UK honoring their Queen on her diamond jubilee. As a professional looking on the preceedings I looked not on the face value of the spectacle but behind the scenes of what it cost to produce this spectacle.

No doubt about it , it took months of planning and a big budget. Are most producers lucky to have both? Not necessarily. The planning of the events with the co-ordination between numerous parties, the meetings, the sub-committees , government agencies and the Royal household was difficult albeit frustrating. Every committee goes through that same inertia, none any better than the other.

The Budget was immense probably a tax payers bill but hey who’s counting the pounds when you had so many people on the streets enjoying a public holiday and covered with union jacks on every part of ther body. No, the planning and the budget are two factors that every planning committee  are at a disadvantage. The playng field is never level in this regard and some may say we are all at a disadvantage.

Maybe. But the planning and the budget are not the secrets to the Brits success. Rarely the world gets a glimpse of nations on show unless it is hosting some major event – World Cup or Olympics. And when we do see these nations on parade they all do a great job. Greece, Australia, China, Japan. Korea all those countries have presented some spectacular performances on the world stage. But what the Brits have that most people only dream of is consistency.

Consistency is the spine that hold all events in tact. You could have the greatest budget  and the most efficient planning committee but if there is no consistency then your show is a flat as a pancake. The Brits are an  expert at this. Over and over again they have consistently produced the most spectacular showcases for everyone to enjoy that makes even the non royalist take notice for 5 minutes. That is the secret to their success.

The world can learn from the Brits. What we have seen today is a dress rehearsals for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Make no mistake about it. The Brits paid handsomely to have the games in London this year. It’s no coincidence that this is the diamond jubilee of the Queen and the hosting of the Olympic games. But the world need spectacles like the diamond jubilee and the Olympic games. With all the sham and drudgery in the world there needs to be a splash of pomp and circumstance to remind us of our humanity. Well done Britain and God Save the Queen.

Ten things I learned since I left my last job!

In my last job I was as popular as they come  with 60 phone calls a day, a favor here, a favor there. Anything I wanted i just had to ask. Am I complaining? certainly not. I do not miss the endless phone calls or the constant “I need a favor’ at the beginning of every conversation. What is striking is how people have  changed. Yes we live our lives in earnest and blessed are those that can change with the rhythm of life.

The change I am talking about is one where people’s personality switch as if they have flipped a leaf  in their playbook to see who is the new person they can prey on. People are so predictable.

With time to reflect I have learned these 10 things since leaving my last job and want to share it with you the readers and maybe you can draw similar situations on the matter.

1.It is consistent – you are remembered as far as the last favor you granted.

2. All the cheers and well wishes for the best in your future endeavors are as dry as the lips that say them.

3. How do you know a true friend – even when you make  a mistake they say to you lets go…together!

4. You are driving on the road solo. There will be headlights coming your way but they will soon pass you by.

5. Take care of the biggest fan you have…YOU !

6. Listen with your heart, speak with your faith.

7. If after years of absence you call on someone and they respond as if there was no break in your friendship, hug that person as they are true friends.

8. They were really not that into you except for what they could get out of you.

9. Every decision you make is made with a step of faith as you do not have a second chance to play hop scotch!

10. Be true to yourself as it is in truthfulness that you will find the strength to weather the storm.

That’s it my friends. Those are the lessons I have learned. Tell me your experiences on the subject by leaving your opinions below.