Quick thought – Orlando Magic and prima donna Dwight Howard


We have been hearing for a while now the indecisiveness of the Orlando Magic and their all-star player Dwight Howard. Is he in or is he out? No no ones what the outcome will be. Howard gave his followers some bull shit argument that yes he is not leaving and want to retire in a Orlando jersey. This morning the VP of operations was there lamenting that Howard has to decide on what he wants to do and they are willing to sign him for the long haul indicating that there is still no decision.

For a man who is not even close to Jordan in skills or leadership Howard is one prima donna. Memo to Howard. Dude you are not indispensible. You can go if you want to . When big boy Shaq was there he had a handful of skilled players with him to effect a championship. The problem is you do not. You have a bunch of “B” rated players that have no desire in their minds to win a championship so you have a decision to make. Do what King James did and jump ship, not necessarily in that fashion , or stay and LEAD your team to a championship. Instead of getting rid of the coach get rid of some of those lame players on the team, yea the ones that do not produce and only warm the bench every night of play. The coach is not the only problem , the rest of the lazy bunch is. Get yourself a TEAM. Work with your GM and  beg, borrow or steal quality players and LEAD. Take your example from MJ. He never ran away. He led his team to 6 rings! Yea 6 Dwight something that you dream of every day. That is your decision to make. Am I going to lead or am I going to run and take the easy way out?  At the end of the day it is your legacy that is at stake. Now make your decision and stop putting the Orlando faithful in an emotional mess!


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