Weekend Thoughts # 2 – Apple vs. Samsung

There is a new war brewing on the horizon and it may get  bigger than the Iraq war.  Two tech giants are at each other’s throat for patent infringement. Apple is suing Samsung for copying its patent into its new product the Samsung Galaxy 111 smart phone. Apple contends that the features are too similarr to its own Iphone and  Ipad and so it is trying to halt the sales of the Samsung in the US and possibly worldwide.

My take on the matter is this:  I do appreciate a company’s patent . After all it has spent millions of dollars to develop the patent to protect its product. Apple like many other comapanies do have that right. The question is when does an idea becomes exclusive to the birther?  My answer is no idea is exclusive. Its an idea, a concept, a mental impression that can be vocalised and ultimately put into reality.  There are as many ideas in the world as there are people that conceive them. Some ideas are money making and in so doing its good for business to patent the diea however it is not the idea that is important iti is the HOW!  We can all have a similar idea but how we express or manifest it is another  kettle of fish.

Apple will have to prove that the Samsung HOW is similar to their idea and their HOW and for this we will have to wait and see. In the end its the consumers that suffers. Can you image the person whose idea it was to roll an object that eventually gave rise to the wheel and other products making a patent for the idea?  Ideas are born. Creativity gives it life. In the end it’s not Apple or Samsung that will be the only beneficiary but mankind will move a step further in his development and his desire to rewrite history.  See the post below on the facts on the war between the 2 giants.


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