Why the Brits do it better all the time

Fireworks light up the skies over  the stage. A fitting finale to the 4 day long celebrations of the UK honoring their Queen on her diamond jubilee. As a professional looking on the preceedings I looked not on the face value of the spectacle but behind the scenes of what it cost to produce this spectacle.

No doubt about it , it took months of planning and a big budget. Are most producers lucky to have both? Not necessarily. The planning of the events with the co-ordination between numerous parties, the meetings, the sub-committees , government agencies and the Royal household was difficult albeit frustrating. Every committee goes through that same inertia, none any better than the other.

The Budget was immense probably a tax payers bill but hey who’s counting the pounds when you had so many people on the streets enjoying a public holiday and covered with union jacks on every part of ther body. No, the planning and the budget are two factors that every planning committee  are at a disadvantage. The playng field is never level in this regard and some may say we are all at a disadvantage.

Maybe. But the planning and the budget are not the secrets to the Brits success. Rarely the world gets a glimpse of nations on show unless it is hosting some major event – World Cup or Olympics. And when we do see these nations on parade they all do a great job. Greece, Australia, China, Japan. Korea all those countries have presented some spectacular performances on the world stage. But what the Brits have that most people only dream of is consistency.

Consistency is the spine that hold all events in tact. You could have the greatest budget  and the most efficient planning committee but if there is no consistency then your show is a flat as a pancake. The Brits are an  expert at this. Over and over again they have consistently produced the most spectacular showcases for everyone to enjoy that makes even the non royalist take notice for 5 minutes. That is the secret to their success.

The world can learn from the Brits. What we have seen today is a dress rehearsals for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Make no mistake about it. The Brits paid handsomely to have the games in London this year. It’s no coincidence that this is the diamond jubilee of the Queen and the hosting of the Olympic games. But the world need spectacles like the diamond jubilee and the Olympic games. With all the sham and drudgery in the world there needs to be a splash of pomp and circumstance to remind us of our humanity. Well done Britain and God Save the Queen.

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