Ten things I learned since I left my last job!

In my last job I was as popular as they come  with 60 phone calls a day, a favor here, a favor there. Anything I wanted i just had to ask. Am I complaining? certainly not. I do not miss the endless phone calls or the constant “I need a favor’ at the beginning of every conversation. What is striking is how people have  changed. Yes we live our lives in earnest and blessed are those that can change with the rhythm of life.

The change I am talking about is one where people’s personality switch as if they have flipped a leaf  in their playbook to see who is the new person they can prey on. People are so predictable.

With time to reflect I have learned these 10 things since leaving my last job and want to share it with you the readers and maybe you can draw similar situations on the matter.

1.It is consistent – you are remembered as far as the last favor you granted.

2. All the cheers and well wishes for the best in your future endeavors are as dry as the lips that say them.

3. How do you know a true friend – even when you make  a mistake they say to you lets go…together!

4. You are driving on the road solo. There will be headlights coming your way but they will soon pass you by.

5. Take care of the biggest fan you have…YOU !

6. Listen with your heart, speak with your faith.

7. If after years of absence you call on someone and they respond as if there was no break in your friendship, hug that person as they are true friends.

8. They were really not that into you except for what they could get out of you.

9. Every decision you make is made with a step of faith as you do not have a second chance to play hop scotch!

10. Be true to yourself as it is in truthfulness that you will find the strength to weather the storm.

That’s it my friends. Those are the lessons I have learned. Tell me your experiences on the subject by leaving your opinions below.

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