You don’t need a budget to plan a party

Lets face it. Planning a party these days can cost a bundle of money and you have no idea of how many of your friends will ever show up. These day people are throwing a party to boost their income , like having a  second job. Times are tough. gone are those days when someone shell out a cool $10,000 to throw a party , and I am being very conservative with my figure.

But thanks to the new norm you can plan a party without spending a lot of money or even budget on a dime. Lets look at your options.

Idea for the party: Ask yourself  why are you having a party? Is it a

birthday bash or a gathering for your friends or just to have an event for the public. Whatever the reason treat it like all events and that is to plan on making your guests have a great time. Remember you are the host. The party must reflect you and your personality. Thais why people will come because of you the host. Attack the social media, send out email blasts, get your friends to tell their friends and let the word spread. The best form of advertising is personal advertising. the $150 a minute radio ad and expensive print media is not needed. Think of the money you save there.  Social Media is the new form of advertising  that can drive people to your event.

Secondly what do you plan to offer – music, food, drinks are the standard recipe for parties. If you are planning on having these, and you should, then get a good DJ and concession out your drinks meaning you pay for what you use at the end of the party, you return what’s left. How do you pay for this ? You have a cover charge for an all-inclusive party. Your guests don’t mind paying for drinks and a good DJ. After all they do that anyway when they go out. Just make sure the DJ is good and the drinks are flowing, you do not run out. Value for money is your mantra here! As for the food service offer this to a food catering company. Let them cook their food and sell to your guests. It’s a simple barter arrangement. You offer the people they offer the service.

Thirdly location of your party. Location is everything so plan accordingly. You don’t want to put your party in the back of nowhere. Find a clean comfortable and secure place to have your party and pay for the rental if any from your gate receipts. Make arrangements with the owner of the place. Remember your word is your bond. INTEGRITY is important in trust.

So you now have your three elements in place –  location, music and food & beverage. Do you want to include any additional service at your party like party media to capture your guests partying to eventually post on the social media? There are tons of company that offer this service. They need the pictures for their page and you have the event. It’s a win win for everybody.

Once your party elements are in place then all you have to do is work the plan- work the event on the social media, remind your guests , create your own hype around the party. Put all these in place and you are sure to have not only a good party but maybe a profitable one so that you can have these events on a monthly basis. Now wouldn’t that be a nice second job?

Let me know your opinion by leaving your comments below.


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