Soldiers Deck of Cards

This will be taking you way back to your childhood days but I can vividly remember my Dad played this song called Deck of Cards one Sunday evening. It was a slow song with a religious undertone. If you were a member of my household you would understand that you had no choice but to listen to these songs every Sunday , like it or not because my father ruled the sunday airwaves in the house. And most households at the time fathers and mothers had their day when it was all about their songs.

So hearing the song Deck of Cards by Tex Ritter was educating for me as I listened to it and the words were compelling. What a beautiful song I remember saying and the song remained with me all those years. That was about 1980 or there about.

Circa 20 years later May 30 2012. I received an email from a friend and the title said Soldiers Deck of Cards. Immediately my interest peaked and I opened the youtube link  My thoughts immediately went to my growing up days and the video played and there it was , the same topic as the good old Tex Ritters’ version but this time it was all modern and fresh. What can this guy do or say about this popular song. After watching  the  video you can see why . You see the video not only dealt with the same topic of what a deck of cards meant, but it took it a step further and added this pictorial at the end of the song. Tex Ritter I am sure smiled in heaven when he sees this video as did I also smiled when I saw the video. No wonder the video had over 3 million hits.

The deck of cards still remains a solemn poignant pause of what it means to be a soldier not only on the battle field but a soldier of your own home. Thank you Mom for the link. Love ya !

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